Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:38 GMT on Monday, 19th November 2012.
Anti-closure campaigners welcome actor Tam Dean Burn to ‘Walk to Win’ Cumbernauld march


ABRONHILL campaigners, fighting against the proposed closure of Abronhill High School and its amalgamation with Cumbernauld High School, have had a welcomed boost to their campaign after SNP Councillor Paddy Hogg secured actor Tam Dean Burn as an attendee at the Save Abronhill High School’s latest walk in Abronhill, last Saturday.


Talking to the crowds, Tam said: “I am happy to be here.


“My friend Paddy Hogg told me about your campaign and I was looking at it online and seeing the pressure you've been getting, I am just so impressed with what you are doing here today. It’s absolutely fantastic.


“Some people have been saying that this campaign has been struggling, but we're going to win this campaign. I'm sure we are.


“In my life as an actor I often get the bad guy role for some reason, which I don't know; it always seems to happen. However, I am probably best known from my character of Mr McCabe on River City. Now, as I understand it, there is another McCabe who is causing this grief here.


“I want to wish you all the best and to send on a message of solidarity and support from Gregory's dad, Dave Anderson.


“It's your community school, it's your community and you’re paying for it. All the very best to you in the coming days.”


The full speech was recorded on video, and the video is available for viewing below.


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