Cumbernauld Media approaches second anniversary

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 19:29 GMT on Friday, 2nd November 2012.

ABOVE: The team out in the community arranging one of the first stories of the website. Picture is used on the courtesy of Bill Henry.
CUMBERNAULD Media is preparing for its second anniversary as the website’s November 5th launch date fast approaches.

Cumbernauld Media started officially on Wednesday 5th November 2010 although the website wasn't fully prepared until an article was printed in the Cumbernauld News promoting the then called, on Wednesday 24th November 2010.

Since then Cumbernauld Media has posted close to 1,000 articles and although our initial website and third Wordpress hosted websites have since been deleted we know that our remaining online accounts host 576 articles, 577 including this story.

Our ever increasing number of articles is the main reason behind our website’s massive growth between 2010 and now.

The latest website visitor total now stands at a total of 45,768 with sixty per cent of our readers continually returning and forty per cent deciding to chance Cumbernauld Media for the first time.

However, the website’s online presence has also helped to support the local community. Cumbernauld Media wants to support Cumbernauld on its local issues and our backing has earned Cumbernauld Media a respected position as a fit and proper media publisher, with an e-mail contact list of nearly 250 press contacts and centres.

It’s all a far cry from the first anniversary, last year, when the website wasn’t so well perfected or professional. Now, we contact the ‘big’ press centres such as the emergency services and Scottish local authorities – centres we couldn’t have approached last year due to our perception of being amateurish.

We look forward towards the next anniversary when hopefully we will be approaching 2,000 articles with an even larger contact base and further coverage of local events, from a one-street event to a town-wide festival.

As the Editor, however, I feel that I have to thank YOU – the readers. We asked you for your feedback and all received feedback was positive – with suggestions for new sections – some of which we are building behind the scenes right now.

Thank you and here’s to a continually bettering Cumbernauld Media in the year ahead.