Save Abronhill High School launches boycott petition, protesting that they won’t send their children to Cumbernauld High School

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 18:07 GMT on Friday, 2nd November 2012.

Picture is copyright of the Save Abronhill High School Working Group.
ABRONHILL community campaign, Save Abronhill High School has launched an online petition asking parents to subscribe to a boycott campaign which will start if North Lanarkshire Council merge Abronhill and Cumbernauld High Schools.

The online petition has a target of 1,000 and aims to get the parents of pupils at Abronhill High School to support the bigot, which would see the parents refusing to send their children to Cumbernauld High School, in Kildurm.

Sponsored by Alastair Kennedy, the official petition statement reads: “If you feel strongly enough that your child deserves better than what NLCL&L propose, and you have fears for your child’s safety in getting to and coming from Cumbernauld High School, or have fears for the gang culture related to the areas that will attend Cumbernauld High School, or have fears for the potential drop in the standard of education given to your child due to larger class sizes, or simply just feel strongly enough that your community deserves better than NLCL&L coming along and making a decision that will tear the heart out of our community then you should sign this petition.”

Since launching on Tuesday morning, the petition, which is hosted through The Petition Site and is titled ‘I won’t send my child to Cumbernauld High School if Abronhill High School is closed’ welcomes close to forty signatures.
More information is available through the campaign's Facebook group.