Residents are worried that poor distribution affects reliability of responses regarding school closure proposals

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 23:05 GMT on Wednesday, 31st October 2012.

Picture content is copyright of North Lanarkshire Council.
ANTI-SCHOOL closure campaigners have been alerted by the fact that North Lanarkshire Council have only saw a 1 per cent response to their ‘Way Ahead’ booklet.

Worries had already been shared online, as the low response rate suggested that full public opinion on all of North Lanarkshire’s £73 million cuts, including the merger of Abronhill and Cumbernauld High Schools was not being sought.

The Save Abronhill High School campaign have approached North Lanarkshire Council to ask for distribution assurances.

Through Twitter, the Save Abronhill High School account asked North Lanarkshire Council: “Many Cumbernauld residents have not received "Way Ahead" consultation leaflet detailing proposed cuts. Will these be delivered?”

Responding to the concerns, offline a North Lanarkshire Council spokesman said: “Our residents have been neither slow nor shy to express their opinions of the difficult decisions the council faces.”

The council, only hours ago, responding to the Save Abronhill High School post said: “We are working closely with the distributors and are passing details on as they become available.”