Labour’s time is up! Campaigners say Labour should exit NLC stage-left

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 22:29 GMT on Wednesday, 31st October 2012.

Picture is copyright of North Lanarkshire Labour.
CAMPAIGNERS are calling for an end to Labour’s control of North Lanarkshire Council.

Recent figures, from SNP Cumbernauld South Councillor Patrick Hogg appear to show that North Lanarkshire Council is cutting £139.30 more per head than Scotland’s largest local authority, Glasgow City Council.

Councillor Hogg has attempted to publically promote the figures in attempt to support the case that the merger of Abronhill High School and Cumbernauld High School does not need to go ahead.

Online Councillor Hogg said: “Be wary of hacks telling you wrong figures about what the Scottish Government gets and what they give out to councils.”

The Councillor’s figures have added to an already massive political storm, after Abronhill, Kildrum and The Village Labour Councillor Stephen Grant told one Save Abronhill High School campaigner that his vote on the proposed merger of Abronhill High School and Cumbernauld High School would be decided upon the basis of how the Labour group would vote.

Through Facebook some campaigners have called for an end to Labour’s North Lanarkshire rule, with images exclaiming: “Labour, Exit”. The anger has been further fuelled by the North Lanarkshire Labour promise from the May 2012 local elections where it was promised that “We [North Lanarkshire Council] will continue to build and refurbish our schools so that every child and young person has a modern, well equipped learning environment”, according to the North Lanarkshire Labour website.