Cumbernauld Media Exclusive: Aldi look towards a possible Cumbernauld store

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 20:51 GMT on Friday, 14th September 2012.


Picture is copyright of Bill Henry and is used on his courtesy.
CUMBERNAULD Media’s investigation into the St Mungo’s Retail Park has been one of the most popular pages on the Cumbernauld Media website, with the page still pulling in viewers.

However, since its publication, Cumbernauld Media has been able to discuss the old Ice House unit with the unit’s owners.

The unit, which is owned by Bavaird Developments Limited, has been vacant for a number of years and split ownership and a lack of interest in redevelopment has led the area into disrepair, and it is these issues which we discussed with Bavaird Development’s Ltd.

Cumbernauld Media’s Editor, Scott Campbell managed to discuss the future of the Ice House, with the unit’s outright owner, Gordon Bavaird, and found out exclusively that interest is on the table.

A number of national companies are hoping to utilise the vacant unit, moving in next door to B&M Bargains, which revitalised the area, in the views of some Cumbernauld residents.

In an exclusive conversation, Cumbernauld Media were told that among the potential letters, were national supermarket chain Aldi.

Gordon Bavaird told Cumbernauld Media: “The detail with regards to the proposals which are on the table, related to the Cumbernauld Ice House, are not firm.

“Retailers currently looking into the unit include Aldi, although there are other offers on the table.”