Councillor Johnston says number and quality of pitches in Cumbernauld is not good enough

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 20:44 GMT on Friday, 14th September 2012.


NORTH Lanarkshire Councillor, Tom Johnston has hit out at the number of football pitches in Cumbernauld, whilst criticising the poor condition of Cumbernauld’s existing pitches.

Abronhill, Kildrum and The Village SNP Councillor Tom Johnston said in a letter that “…is correct to highlight the football pitches at Kildrum Primary and Abronhill Primary which have been left abandoned by North Lanarkshire Council for 15 years.

“The Council Report on football pitches also shows that North Lanarkshire Council has 62 good working pitches, but that only 4 of these are in Cumbernauld. With 20% of North Lanarkshire’s population, Cumbernauld has only 4% of the pitches.

“Four working pitches in a town of 50,000 is a disgrace.”