Cumbernauld may miss out on Perseid meteor display

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 14:13 GMT on Monday, 13th August 2012.


POOR weather has meant that once again Cumbernauld has lost out on viewing another atmospheric weather anomaly.

The Perseid meteor display has been bombarding the northern hemisphere over the past few days, with its final phase due to be complete by tomorrow.

The display is the result of Earth ploughing through the debris stream left by a giant comet that circled the sun since the birth of the solar system.

Although each tiny fragment that hits our atmosphere is usually no larger than a speck of dust, it burns up with an incandescent display that is called a shooting star, in layman terms.

This year, the Perseid meteor display is visible between 11th and 14th August. The prime times to watch fall between midnight and 3am, and tonight is expected to be the best night to view the showers.

As you're watching this weekend, you should think back 4.5 billion years, when each of the meteors was born; meaning some of them could be older than Earth itself.

Unfortunately Cumbernauldians may have to miss this meteor shower as weather is set to be cloudy and overcast throughout the night.

However, if you manage to capture any photographs then we would appreciate a look at them. Just contact us through the details at the bottom of this page.