Cumbernauld Events Forum launches to bring Cumbernauld together through artistic exhibitions

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 12:21 GMT on Monday, 13th August 2012.


Picture is copyright of Oxjam Cumbernauld.
CUMBERNAULD now has a new organisational committee in town, as the Cumbernauld Events Forum announces its launch.

Run by David Cooke, local activist and volunteer, the Cumbernauld Events Forum was set up in June, this year, with its intention being to organize artistic events.

The new Events Forum already has a major event on its hand, with the Oxfam fundraiser, Oxjam, being organised at numerous venues across Cumbernauld, throughout October.

The Events Forum believes that the through the organisation of events for bands, singers and dance groups the committee can bring the people of Cumbernauld together.
Find out more information about the group and its events through Facebook.