Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:48 GMT on Thursday, 9th August 2012.
Cumbernauld Media proves itself to be popular, as 7,000 visits are logged in six weeks

CUMBERNAULD Media has seen a rapid growth in site visits, over the past six weeks, compared with the site’s older platforms.

The new website, CumbernauldMedia.com launched on Saturday 23rd June 2012 and since its launch, just short of two months ago, the website has ushered in 1,300 readers, with a total of 6,929 page visits – meaning that in an average week we welcomed 1,155 visits from 217 readers.

The figures represent a dramatic jump for Cumbernauld Media, as the new website has achieved figures, in six weeks, which it took the old website – Cumbernauldnl.info – to reach within about eighteen months.

Events such as the Olympic Torch Relay, the Wilderness Brae crash and the armed police arrest at the Old Inns Roundabout are the main reason behind the jump, with regular and new visitors swarming to CumbernauldMedia.com for the latest breaking news, in real-time, through the Cumbernauld Media Facebook, Twitter and Wire platforms.

The viewership jump has led Cumbernauld Media to invest in new sharing platforms, which a new QR code available for smart-phones and a unique short-text number which means stories can be sent to Cumbernauld Media from anywhere.

The QR code is available to the right of the screen and when scanned on your smart phone, it will automatically open up the message template on your phone, ready for you to send us your news.

If you cannot use QR codes then you can text 'NLQ3C' followed by your message to 60777. Messages are charged at your standard network rate.