Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:34 GMT on Thursday, 9th August 2012.
NHS Lanarkshire confirm no new cases of Cumbernauld anthrax

NHS LANARKSHIRE have confirmed to Cumbernauld Media that there have been no further cases of anthrax in Lanarkshire since a case of anthrax caused people to be hospitalised, earlier this month.

As we revealed in an article, from the 2nd August 2012, the case originated from the Abronhill area of Cumbernauld, as a drug user collapsed at a house in Pine Grove.

The original case became apparent on Tuesday 24th July 2012, when ambulance crews were called to a house in Abronhill.

The incident prompted NHS Lanarkshire and Strathclyde Police to issue health warnings to those who inject drugs, and both organisations gave advice to Lanarkshire’s drug users.

Cumbernauld Media asked NHS Lanarkshire whether they could confirm the location or the current condition of the patient involved. A spokesperson for NHS Lanarkshire told us: “Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to give further details about the individual involved or where it happened due to patient confidentiality.”