Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:19 GMT on Thursday, 9th August 2012.
Link's sheltered housing comes away with five star glory

LINK’s sheltered housing services, who have housing areas in Cumbernauld, has received a five rating – known as ‘very good’ – for its quality of care and support, staffing as well as leadership and management.

The rating was achieved following a short – notice inspection by the Social Care and Social Work Improvement Service (SCSWIS – formerly the Care Commission Scotland).

Celebrating its 50th birthday in 2012, the Link group of housing, support and regeneration companies offers a wide range of services to 10,000 families and individuals, primarily in Scotland's Central belt. Link builds or improves 100 homes each year for rent or low cost home ownership and plans to invest around £98 million to complete nearly 750 new or improved homes within the next five years.

The inspection report highlighted that Link provides a high quality housing support service which is greatly appreciated by tenants in its various complexes. Tenants gave positive feedback about the quality of staff and advised the Care Inspectorate that they benefited from the reassurance and peace of mind that their living arrangements afford them.

Director of Housing, Maureen Middleton, said: “This is a significant achievement and I appreciate the effort that has gone into making our sheltered housing service a great success and a positive experience for our customers. Much of the report is based on what our customers say about us and clearly that is a big ‘thumbs up’. We will continue to build on the strengths of our service and take forward the suggested areas for improvement.”

Link looks forward to developing further the scope and range of its services which it has evolved to meet the changing needs of the people who use them, by taking an active role in the creation of sustainable communities, by developing partnerships with tenants, local people and other agencies to build low cost homes and community and health facilities. Link is committed to the principles of social justice and inclusion.