Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 13:45 GMT on Monday, 6th August 2012.
Local author launches his debut novel

A LOCAL author has officially launched his debut novel, The Eagle Has Fallen, at an event in Glasgow, last week.

Brian Young, from Carrickstone, launched his book in Glasgow’s Fressh, on Friday 3rd August, after taking six years to research and write the novel, about the disappearance of the Ninth Legion in Britain.

“This is the true story of the Ninth Legion and a young Roman officer who served in it. His incredible story against all the odds from enemies outside and within the Roman Army”, Brian said.

“Several years ago I read Rosemary Sutcliffes ‘The Eagle of the Ninth’ and became enthralled; I contacted the Curator of Archaeology at Reading Museum and asked them if the Eagle that was found was a real Roman Eagle. She said yes it was Roman but not a Legionary one.

“My heart sank. I decided to read up more and more about the Ninth Legion anyway and soon discovered a huge amount of new information. Previous historians and researchers had no great evidence of what actually happened to the Ninth Legion.

“I spent some 6 years researching the topic and even walking Dere Street through the firing range of the British Army camp.

“Eventually I discussed my findings with colleagues and soon realised that there was so much happening not just within Britain but within the Roman Empire as whole, that they had a bearing on the events which were to happen later, when Hadrian built the wall.

Brian added: “Due to work commitments it has taken me longer than I would have liked to complete the story. However once you've read it, you will hopefully agree it’s worth the wait.”

At the Cheese & Wine party, guests were greeted with an introduction from an archaeologist from Historic Scotland, Roman Soldiers, a Syrian belly dancer, a collection of Roman artefacts and readings from The Eagle Has Fallen.

Brian’s book is available on eBook and paperback from Amazon and York Printing and more information is available through the book’s website,