Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 09:08 GMT on Monday, 6th August 2012.
Locals still trying to cross Central Way fencing as campaign appeals for road barrier down Wilderness Brae

Picture is copyright of Cumbernauld Media/ Scott Campbell.
CUMBERNAULD’S Central Way central barrier has been criticised once again, following the accident on Wilderness Brae, last Wednesday.

Following the accident on Wednesday 1st August 2012 Cumbernauld Media’s Twitter (@CumbernauldWeb) received a tweet from Henderson’s Bus Travel, in which the bus operator makes it clear that the new fence, running from the roundabout at Tesco at Tesco to the roundabout opposite Fleming House, is insufficient to save lives.

In their tweet, Henderson’s Buses (@HTBUSES) said: “Check out the huge gaps on new fence at C Nauld Ctre people will die still crossing here!!!”

The new fence was completed in earlier July after Cumbernauld based Highland Galvanizers and Colour Coaters completed the coating of the new Central Way central reservation fencing, following a decision, by North Lanarkshire Council, to remove the old, tired central fence.

After finishing off the fencing, a spokesperson for Highland said: “The coating is designed to last for many years without maintenance. If it starts to get dirty, ordinary water washing will suffice without the need for re-painting.”

“Cumbernauld has suffered enough criticism in the past for looking dreary, so when designing a new town centre fence, designers turned to Highland for the solution.”

The new fence though was soon found to be ineffective in discouraging peoples’ attempts to cross the central reservation, with the specially reinforced fencing failing to deter locals, who attempt to climb over the railings or squeeze through the gaps next to lamp posts.

Responding to Henderson Buses’ comments, and the fears faced by local commuters who encounter fence climbers on a daily basis, a North Lanarkshire Council spokesman said: “It is regrettable that people choose to evade safety measures and put themselves at risk crossing a four lane carriageway.

“Nonetheless, in the interests of public safety, the Council has ordered additional fencing, at cost, to close the gaps and extend the height of the barriers at the affected locations.”