Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:54 BST on Friday, 3rd August 2012.
29 year old male arrested at gun point in Cumbernauld

Picture is copyright of Cumbernauld Media/ Scott Campbell.
More details have immerged about today's armed arrest near Cumbernauld's Old Inns roundabout.

The incident occurred before noon today (Friday 3rd August 2012), between the Old Inns roundabout and Castlecary, with police officers blocking off the necessary roads in order to arrest the suspect.

The armed arrest took place under the supervision of Strathclyde Police who were working with the Metropolitan Police in order to arrest a male travelling through Cumbernauld.

This the incident, Cumbernauld Media has learned that a 29-year-old man from West Norwood, Lambeth, was arrested by Strathclyde Police on behalf of the Met's Kidnap unit.

The suspect was arrested as he failed to meet the requirements to return to answer police bail on Wednesday 6th June 2012. The male concerned had been arrested originally on 28th March 2012 in connection with a series of offences including: Kidnap; False imprisonment; Blackmail; Aggravated Burglary; Possession of a firearm; and Actual Bodily Harm.

The suspect remains in custody with Strathclyde Police, and as yet, has not been charged.

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