Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:26 BST on Friday, 3rd July 2012.
Cumbernauld Media chat to organisers behind Wilderness Brae Appeal campaign

Top picture shows Nicole McAllister, with her petition and supporters' letter. The second picture shows the scene of the accident, with floral tributes. Pictures are copyright of Bill Henry and are used on his courtesy.
Cumbernauld Media have interviewed the team behind the Wilderness Brae Appeal campaign, which aims at getting new safety measures implemented on Cumbernauld’s A8011 following Wednesday’s road traffic accident.

Talking the campaign’s organiser, Nicole McAllister, Cumbernauld Media’s Scott Campbell learned about the aims and objectives of Nicole and her campaign team.

Yesterday (Thursday 2nd August) saw 406 people sign the campaign’s petition to North Lanarkshire Council, which asks the Council to construct new safety barriers on the A8011 central reservation, in Cumbernauld’s Town Centre, with numerous businesses and shops also hosting the petition in their premises.

Cumbernauld Media’s Scott Campbell asked Nicole nine questions about her campaign, and the question and answer session is written out below.

What has led you to create the group?

My mother-in-law phoned me up because she was worried, given that she unfortunately lost her own husband on the road and was concerned about the family. Once she phoned, Sarah shared the same reaction; we were fed up with hearing about crashes on the road and the council not taking any action, so we discussed how long it would take to go round peoples’ doors to get a petition going, but my partner suggested getting an online Facebook campaign going.

What are you expecting from the campaign?

The council to take us, and our concerns, seriously and actually do something useful with their money for a change.

What do you think of the support being shown so far?

It has been outstanding. It is amazing how much our small community has come together.

How do you feel the authorities have responded to your campaign?
Well the council have taken the decision to temporarily put the road down to one way, going down Wilderness Brae, so I think they are responding pretty well.

How long are you willing to go on campaigning?

As long as it takes because I travel down there a lot.

What measures would you like to see implemented?

My personal preference is for either safety barriers or a speed camera half way up the hill.

What kind of activities will you, and your campaign team, be holding and when?

Well, we are doing our petitions throughout this weekend and certain cafes are involved; community centres have offered their help and hopefully we will outside Tesco and Asda with a campaign stall.

What would you ask people to do in order to show support for your campaign?

All we are doing at the moment is printing letters off and asking people to sign it and put their address on it, which forms a major part of our petitioning.

What do you think of the media attention so far?

It has been amazing. I’ve had yourself, I’ve got the Daily Record. I’ve also got two voicemail messages from the Evening Times asking me to call them back. So, it has been really outstanding.

Cumbernauld Media then conducted a video interview with Nicole, which will shortly be available through our Cumbernauld Television Youtube channel.

The campaign’s Facebook page is available