Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 11:07 BST on Friday, 3rd August 2012.
Cumbernauld Media talk to Doune the Rabbit Hole festival Director

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Cumbernauld Media have exclusively interviewed the Doune the Rabbit Hole's Director ahead of the festival's arrival near Kilsyth.
Talking to the festival's Director yesterday afternoon (Thursday 2nd August) Cumbernauld Media's Scott Campbell learned about the history and aims behind the music festival.
“Doune the Rabbit Hole is a small, family-friendly music festival. It welcomes families but it also has an adult part to it too, with musical talents being exhibited until late on. It’s a lot like the Shrek of music festivals; set up to raise money for workshops in artistic subjects, such as music, poetry or painting,” Jamie said.
Moving the subject onto the activities being held at this year’s event, Cumbernauld Media’s Scott Campbell asked “What activities and/or events will be held at the 2012 Doune the Rabbit Hole music festival?”
“It’s a big event with loads of activities planned,” commented Jamie. “This year’s event will host a number of workshops, from art to sewing. Meanwhile, different groups will be coming along to exhibit what they do; groups such as Forestry Commission Scotland, all so that families can get involved.”
Cumbernauld Media’s Scott Campbell then asked Mr Murray why he felt people should come along to the event.
“Because it’s like T in the Park with a conscious,” Jamie said. “People can go to other festivals throughout the country but with us it’s different. Other festivals are crowded but at Doune the Rabbit Hole people can have fun guilt free, in the knowledge that the money which they spend is going towards a good cause.”
This year’s event will be held between the 24th and 26th August, at Duncarron Fort, near Denny, and will include headliners King Creosote, The Phantom Band, Hidden Orchestra and Scottish Album of the Year winners Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells.
More information and tickets for the event are available through the festival’s website,
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