Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 12:28 BST on Thursday, 2nd August 2012.
North Lanarkshire Council start review of road safety policy after yesterday's fatal accident

Pictures: Copyright of North Lanarkshire Council and Cumbernauld Media/ Scott Campbell.

North Lanarkshire Council have said they have begun a review into their road safety measures in Cumbernauld following on from yesterday’s fatal accident on Wilderness Brae.

The council’s reaction came after three men were killed in the crash with another in serious condition at Monklands Hospital.

Strathclyde Police are still appealing for information as to the cause of the event, but believe that a car travelling northbound to collide with a southbound car, with a third involved.

Following on the crash, which occurred at around 12:45 yesterday afternoon, Facebook and Twitter have swelled with angry complaints about the lack of safety measures put in place on the A8011.

Comments often referred to the construction of Cumbernauld’s Tummel Way footbridge, Cumbernauld Vehicular Approach Programme – or ‘Neon Waves – or Arria, with locals posting their frustration that millions of pounds were spent on the art work and not road safety measures.

Cumbernauld Media approached North Lanarkshire Council with some of the online comments but the council were unable to respond in full, with a council spokesman commenting: “A police investigation is under way into this tragic accident and it would be inappropriate to comment at present.”

Responding to safety concerns Councillor James Coyle, convener of planning and transportation for North Lanarkshire Council, told STV News: “We are working closely with Strathclyde Police to establish the cause of this dreadful accident and all the circumstances around it.

“The community are understandably deeply concerned about the events of yesterday. We have already launched a review of our safety measures pending the outcome of that investigation and we will make enhancements to those safety measures where appropriate.

“Road safety is a priority for this council. Following the deaths of two people on this road in 2007, we implemented a number of further safety measures. However any fatal accident is one too many and we will take action based on the findings of the current investigation.

Councillor Coyle added: “In the meantime our thoughts are with the families of the victims of these tragic events.”

Strathclyde Police are still investigating the accident and are asking anyone with information to contact Motherwell Police Office on 01698 483000.

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