Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 10:14 BST on Friday, 27th July 2012.
Bridging  the gap; newly rebuilt Tummel Way footbridge opens to public

Picture is copyright of Cumbernauld Media/ Scott Campbell.
 Cumbernauld Shopping Centre welcomed a new structural addition yesterday (Thursday 26th July) as the newly reconstructed Tummel Way footbridge was opened.

Although the official opening is not scheduled for a number of weeks ahead, North Lanarkshire Council, alongside Cumbernauld Campsies Centre Limited and Cumbernauld Shopping Centre took the decision to take away the fencing and allow the public to freely use the footbridge.

The £1.2 million construction came months after the original Tummel Way footbridge, which linked the rooftop car park of Cumbernauld Shopping Centre with the car park of the Antonine Shopping Centre, was demolished, to make way for its successor.

The doors were unlocked and three o’clock on Thursday afternoon and within an hour the bridge had been used by many local residents.

Commenting, a spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said: “The new Central Way footbridge has opened to the public following a final inspection.

“This will complete the missing section of the circular route linking all of the shopping areas in Cumbernauld town centre.”

Cumbernauld Shopping Centre’s manager was unavailable for comment.

Following the opening, Cumbernauld Media caught up with local residents and visitors to the Shopping Centre, for their opinions on the new footbridge.

Many of the individuals interviewed declined to give their name.

An Abronhill resident said: “We would rather have a new bus station than a bridge that will probably turn out to be a really bad white elephant.”

A female resident from Cumbernauld Village said: “It is not an eyesore, I think it looks very nice and the white, which stands out, makes it look very nice, much nicer than all of these other concrete blocks which we have.”

A male visiting from Twechar commented: “It is fine as far as I am concerned, it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Another resident from Cumbernauld Village said: “I think it’s out of place where it is. It’s wide open, what are people going to in the winter?”

Bill Golder, Seafar added: “I think the bridge is a hell of a waste of money. It must have cost a hell of a lot of money and I don’t really see the point of it.”