Cumbernauld Credit Union appeal for volunteers

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 14:44 BST on Thursday 12th July 2012.

Cumbernauld’s Credit Union has issued a fresh appeal for volunteers, asking local residents whether they can step up to the mark to take on administrative or service roles.

Through the Group’s Facebook page, a spokesperson exclaimed: “CAN YOU HELP??” adding, “If you have some free time and would like to help out at the Credit Union Cumbernauld it would be greatly appreciated.”

The Cumbernauld Credit Union Limited, who were founded in 2000 describe their enterprise’s main goal as being to “…encourage their members to save together and lend to each other responsibly,” according to their online profile, are based at Cumbernauld’s Cornerstone House.

Through the Group’s Facebook page, a spokesperson for the organisation said: “We [Cumbernauld Credit Union Ltd] are in great need of some more help, either in the office, cashiers/tellers or in some of the local schools we attend.”

The spokesperson adds: “So if you feel that this could be something for you, please give us a ring on 01236 457 592”.