Cumbernauld Media launch Cumbernauld Chatter section

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:33 BST on Thursday 5th July 2012.

Cumbernauld Media have now launched ‘Cumbernauld Chatter’, the latest feature available from Cumbernauld Media whereby readers can submit letters and emails for publication on the Cumbernauld Media.

Most letters will be published either on the day of receipt – provided they are received before 5pm – or the next working day.

The new feature is the latest comment portal, for local residents, who wish to send letters to Cumbernauld Media on behalf of a local business, charity, club, organisation, or as an individual.

All letters will be unedited as to make sure that views are not distorted, and will be posted through the new ‘Cumbernauld Chatter’ page and through the Cumbernauld Media homepage.

People can send letters to Cumbernauld through the traditional email address of, or through the ‘Contact Us’ webpage.

So, get involved. Make your opinions known on any issues which are important to you.