Cumbernauld Community Park post June update

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:13 BST on Thursday 5th July 2012.

Cumbernauld Community Park have posted their project’s June update, talking about the group’s consultation, construction and events.

The June update is posted below. However, more information is available through the group’s website.

Our public Consultation ends this month although some face-to-face interviews are still ongoing. We should therefore receive the Consultant Report over the summer and have a better idea then of what people would like to have in the Community Park. Next steps will be to look at what is appropriate and what is feasible in a Park for the 21st Century. Most Parks hark back to Victorian ideals with lawns and flower beds which are expensive to maintain: our survey may have new ideas but implementation will need to take into account climate change, capital expense, funding opportunities and future maintenance.

Work is ongoing in the Craighalbert Quarry in the restoration of a former path which had become overgrown. The Restorative Justice group are constructing the path and will continue further inside the Park to join up the two new bridges which are being constructed by the local TA unit, 124 RE (V). Rapid construction of basic bridges is one of the roles of the Royal Engineers and this training exercise will leave the Park and the community better off for their efforts. It is also useful training for their role in Afghanistan.

In advance of the construction of the Play Park above the joint schools campus a collection of wild flower plugs has been brought together. They will be planted by some local parents and children during the summer holidays. The idea is not so much a formal garden but a wild flower border with plants in blocks to create the impression of an herbaceous border. It is hoped that this will require minimum maintenance and that it will self seed more or less in the same blocks which were planted.

North Lanarkshire’s play group will once again bring their “Pop out to Play” team to the Spina Bifida Centre at Craighalbert on Thursdays in July between 11.00am and 1.00pm. All kids are welcome with the proviso that games etc are suitable for Primary age children. Our next Event will be the dog walkers’ event on 5 August –“Walkies” sponsored by PDSA which will start off from the joint schools.

Each year we work with the Arts & Media and Construction lecturers and students at Cumbernauld College who are given a topic relating to the history embedded in the Roman path in the Community Park. Jennifer Cooper’s dissected Highland steer was selected this year to represent the Drovers. In time these structures will all appear along the path.