Cumbernauld's Link Centre to host monthly under-18s disco

Written by Scott Campbell - EXCLUSIVE.
Published at 16:00 BST on Tuesday 3rd July 2012.

This weekend will see Cumbernauld’s Link Centre host one of the biggest youth outreach programmes Cumbernauld has ever seen, as Nxt Generation announce that they will kick start their monthly under-18s disco, this Saturday (7th July).

Although Nxt Generation is underwritten by Fabulous Events Scotland, Nxt Generation is solely involved in the organising the under-18s disco.

Working with Strathclyde Police, Nxt Generation have organised the disco which will “…ensure safety all night for the kids and staff”, as well as help to keep “…kids off of the streets”, according to a group spokesperson.

A spokesperson for Nxt Generation told Cumbernauld Media: “It seems as though there is nothing for kids in Cumbernauld except Sportscene in the Tryst but some kids don't like going to sport or just want to do something a bit different that would allow them to socialise with their friends, keep dry, not get bothered by the locals and have fun - which is the reason behind Nxt Generation.”

The event will take place between 6pm and 10pm on Saturday night at Cumbernauld’s Link Centre, with themes underpinning the monthly discos.

Talking about themes, the Nxt Generation spokesperson added: “This Saturday’s theme is School's out for summer; the themes will continue on a monthly basis to keep interest, such as foam parties.”

Entry to this Saturday’s under-18s event will have an on the door entrance fee of £5, with five stewards, armed with breathalyzers, on hand to make sure the night goes off safely.

Entrants will not be allowed into the event with food or drink, unless it was purchased there. Furthermore, there is no smoking, alcohol and drugs are not permitted and entrants who look over seventeen will be asked for ID as over 18s will not be permitted into the event.

Further rules which apply are:

·         Dress code; Anyone wearing hooded tops, caps, tracksuits, jogging pants, offensive slogans, or scruffy jeans, will not be allowed into the event. Jeans and trainers are suitable, although people wearing any of the above items plus coats will be asked to leave them in the cloak room, by a member of Fabulous Events Scotland or venue staff. Failure to co-operate will result in refused entry to the venue. There is a minimum charge per item for the cloakroom.

·         Alcohol & Drugs Policy; Drugs and alcohol are not tolerated. Only soft drinks are on sale. Young people will be randomly breathalysed at the doors, to check for any consumption of alcohol. All bars will have alcohol removed for Fabulous Events Scotland events. The organiser’s will try to contact parents or guardians to collect their child or children, if they are found under the influence.

·         Searches; The Fabulous Events Scotland search procedure will take place before entry to the club or venue. Searches take place primarily for weapons, alcohol, illegal substances & cigarettes. If any contraband is found it will be confiscated and the police may be called. Any person refusing to be searched before entry will not be permitted. All legal issues surrounding searching teenagers will be strictly adhered to.

·         Age Restrictions; The target age group is 12-17. Any person wishing to gain entry who looks over age will be asked to produce ID. The event’s organisers will not permit any person over the age of 17, entry to their events, other than persons employed by Fabulous Events Scotland or the venue.

·         Smoking; Fabulous Events Scotland operates a strict NO SMOKING policy. Upon entry any cigarettes found will be confiscated. Cigarettes will not be sold at the event, so under age persons will not be allowed to purchase them.

·         Bullying; Fabulous Events Scotland requires all persons in the events to treat the venue and others with respect at all times. A strict anti-bullying policy will operate, and if any persons are found intimidating others or using inappropriate language they will not gain entry, or if inside the event, then they will be escorted from the venue.

·         Photography; An in house photographer will takes pictures of young people at Fabulous Events Scotland events. These pictures can be obtained by visiting our website after each event. By entering the event, patrons give consent to take your picture, record video footage, or sound for the purpose of the Fabulous Events Scotland website. Persons not wishing to have their picture taken or recorded must inform a member of staff on entry to all events.

·         Staff; There are always polite friendly staff around the venue to assist or help young people who may have a problem, or incident that they might want to discuss. No matter how small the problem maybe, Fabulous Events Scotland staff will always be on hand to assist young people.

·         Exit policy; Fabulous Events Scotland recommend all parents or guardians collect their child or children at the end of all Fabulous Events Scotland events wherever possible. A quiet and calm exit is expected from all persons attending Fabulous Events Scotland events.

·         Readmission; There will be no readmission under any circumstance once patrons enter Fabulous Events Scotland's events; no refunds will be given.

The spokesperson added: “Our well stocked shop will give you everything you need to enjoy your night out to the fullest.

“Our fantastic resident DJ Paul Dempster who will be providing chart hits and dance anthems all night long.

“Fabulous Events Scotland will be expanding this event to different areas in the coming months.”