Highland finish Central Way coating job

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:54 BST on Tuesday 3rd July 2012.

Cumbernauld based Highland Galvanizers and Colour Coaters have now completed the coating of the new Central Way central reservation fencing.

Following the decision to remove the old, tired central fence, North Lanarkshire Council decided to invest in new fencing, which would last for years to come.

Following months of work, the new fence was completed and the dual carriageway once again became four lanes, from the two lanes which caused major disruption to the road, along with road closures for the construction of the new Tummel Way footbridge over Central Way.

The introduction of the new fencing comes after the old fencing became run down after years of road use, grime and winter preparation, such as gritting.

A spokesperson for Highland said: “The coating is designed to last for many years without maintenance. If it starts to get dirty, ordinary water washing will suffice without the need for re-painting.”

The fence’s new coating was completed by Highland’s specialist coating operations, Colourgalv Marine, who according to a press release are “…one of the company's special triplex coatings, combining the durability and excellent corrosion protection of colour, with the beauty of powdercoating, with a special coating in between.”

A statement on the Highland Galvanizers and Colour Coaters’ website reads: “The dual carriageway that runs through the town centre has had a re-vamp including new fencing in a fetching silvery sparkling colour. Fencing in such locations gets a hard life. As well as traffic film, salt from gritters, road grime and gritblasting and all the road crews can throw at it, is suffered by barrier fencing in such locations.

“Cumbernauld has suffered enough criticism in the past for looking dreary, so when designing a new town centre fence, designers turned to Highland for the solution.”