Cumbernauld Old Parish raise £2100 for charity

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:22 BST on Tuesday 26th June 2012.

Cumbernauld Old Parish have announced that they have raised close to £2100 for Christian Aid Week.

Christian Aid Week is a charity which operates across the world, in developing countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America, delivering emergency food, medical and water aid.

In an online statement, Cumbernauld Old Parish church said: “We now have confirmation of the amount of money raised… £2097.14...”  

Cumbernauld Old Parish church says that their twenty ‘in house’ collectors gathered the money through parish collections, earning Christian Aid Week £1046.15 from Cumbernauld Old Parish, in gift aid alone.

The statement adds: “Many thanks, not only to our team of collectors, but to all in our parish who contributed so generously.

“There was also a collection at our Boys’ Brigade annual display, held during Christian Aid Week, and that raised an additional – and astonishing – £500! Thanks, everyone, once again.”