Cumbernauld House Trust issue drafts of proposals for old Village School

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:47 BST on Monday 25th June 2012.
The Cumbernauld House Trust has issued proposed plans for the refurbishment of Cumbernauld Village’s Old Primary School building, asking the public for their opinions on the draft plans.

The project, which was formally announced on Sunday 3rd June, is a joint venture between Cumbernauld House Trust and Cumbernauld Village Action for the Community and will see the Old Primary School converted into a “…much-needed, sustainable community facility to Cumbernauld,” according to a Cumbernauld Village Action for the Community spokesperson.

Released online, late last week, Cumbernauld House Trust’s Robert Allen blogged that the Cumbernauld House Trust and Cumbernauld Village Action for the Community had “…been given a couple of the rough drafts of the possible shape of the new building” and “wanted to share” them with the public to gauge public opinion.  

The publishing of the plans for public scrutiny comes after the news that the partners’ initial plans included a multi-purpose event space, a shared service centre for local groups and charities, a heritage centre – or museum - to celebrate the history of both old Cumbernauld and the new town, a visitors centre, and a pedestrian heritage trail.

Announcing the plans earlier this month, Adam Smith, a spokesman for Cumbernauld House Trust, said: “Our proposals are not set in stone and the people of Cumbernauld will be able to have their say on what services they want to be provided by the new facility. We will be having a consultation event on Thursday 14th June at 7.30pm in the Village Hall in The Wynd and we would encourage as many people as possible to come along and let us know how they want the former school building to be developed.”

The official announcement of the Trust and CVAC’s intentions for the Old Primary School building came after the Cumbernauld House Trust were awarded almost £15,000 of funding, with £10,000 granted by the Big Lottery Fund and £4,100 by Historic Scotland.

The funding was spent on two feasibility studies, completed by Jura Consultants and Malcolm Fraser Architects, allowing the groups to find out which will be the best, sustainable, uses of the building.

Commenting earlier this month, when announcing the acquisition of the Old Primary School, Robert McAllen, Chair of Cumbernauld House Trust, said: “Once finished, this facility will be a real asset to Cumbernauld and, while it will take a lot of hard work and effort to complete, we’re confident we can pull it off with the help of the local community.” 

Although the property, and land, remains under the ownership of North Lanarkshire Council, The Trust has secured the building with a written agreement to release it to them following completion of the development, with North Lanarkshire Council keen to see the building put to a positive use.

Philip Morgan-Klein, Chair of Cumbernauld Village Action for the Community, added: “It’s been hard for people in the Village to see the school deteriorate over the last 10 years, but CVAC and Cumbernauld House Trust have put together a plan which we hope will turn this building around. We are hopeful that we can turn this building from an eyesore into something that Cumbernauld Village, and Cumbernauld as a whole, can be proud of.”

The proposed draft plans are available for viewing through the Cumbernauld House Trust website.