Cumbernauld Theatre will be 'safe as houses,' this weekend

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:15 BST on Sunday 24th June 2012.

Cumbernauld Theatre will be safe as houses as a rather unusual and quirky stage show roles into town.

In a performance which will see “20 bodies on stage creating Riots, Rebellions, Frenzies and Explosions,” according to the Cumbernauld Theatre website, audience members will be greeted with the question ‘2012 Armageddon, is it the end of the world or just the end of the world as we know it?’ in an unreserved seated show, which “isn't your typical end of the world story…”

Exploring ideas such as Tidal Waves, Earth Quakes, Financial Crashes, Religious Fever, Mutating Viruses, Zombie Risings and the takeover of Machines, Cumbernauld Theatre will host the ‘Safe as Houses’ performance from this Friday (29th June) until next Saturday (30th June).

Cumbernauld Theatre that they would like to “…invite you to pack your Sarah Connor Bag and join the resistance against the potential termination of the human race,” as the show’s opening day nears.

The show opens at 7.45pm on Friday and Saturday; tickets are £5 and seating is unreserved.

More information and booking information is available through the Cumbernauld Theatre website.