Eczema Outreach Scotland host Family Outing

Written by Scott Campbell - EXCLUSIVE.
Published at 17:41 BST on Saturday 23rd June 2012.
Scotland's only front-line charity dedicated to supporting families affected by eczema and their carers, has celebrated its first anniversary, choosing to hold a 'Family Outing' in Palacerigg Country Park, Cumbernauld.
Registered last year by the mother of a young girl with eczema who couldn’t find any local support, the charity continues to focus on supporting families by creating connections between them and providing information, increasing the confidence and self-esteem of children with eczema through a programme of social outings, reducing stigma by raising awareness of the condition and influencing policy to improve services.
Since registering as a charity, the Glasgow-based group of members and volunteers of Eczema Outreach Scotland have been active and today's family outing at Palacerigg Country Park will be the second event after a successful fundraising event in February organised in Clydebank.
Today's event will gather several families affiliated with the charity and during the day's free package of events, the programme includes an extensive list of outdoor and indoor activities, such as an animal handling event, an art and crafts session and the celebration of the charity’s first birthday.
Eczema Outreach Scotland have said that all programme elements will encourage children and parents to explore their creativity and express feelings about living with the condition. Most importantly, the outing will allow parents and children to meet, discuss and socialise with peers.
Commenting, Magali Speight, Project Manager said: “In an ideal world, people with eczema and their carers are given the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives in inclusive communities and can access high quality services which meet their needs. We want to contribute to building such an environment through our outings."
Cumbernauld Media will have the full story tomorrow.