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Dementia helpline launched 23 June 2012 
Eczema Outreach Scotland host Family Outing 23 June 2012 
Petition lodged with local MP says Government should 'Respect... privacy' 23 June 2012 
Clyde launch new Q&A session to 'bridge' communication gaps between the board and fans 23 June 2012 
Summer Breakout is back, and its bigger 23 June 2012 
Local 'Yes' campaign to launch today 23 June 2012 
Cracking down on food waste, North Lanarkshire Council unveil new recycling scheme 23 June 2012 
Cumbernauld Colts host awards presentation ceremony 23 June 2012 
Get in tune; Oxjam event announced for October 24 June 2012 
Yes Cumbernauld and Kilsyth launched ahead of 'No' campaign 24 June 2012 
Tax Office staff to go on strike tomorrow 24 June 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire take home prestigious environmental certificate /site/cumbernauldmedia2012/cumbernauld-news/012-nhs-lanarkshire-take-home-prestigious-environmental-certificate 24 June 2012 
Cumbernauld Theatre will be 'safe as houses,' this weekend 24 June 2012 
Eczema Outreach Scotland hold first birthday bash bracing the Scottish rain 24 June 2012 
Gallery: Pictures from Eczema Outreach Scotland's birthday celebrations 24 June 2012 
June has put Cumbernauld in the "spotlight," according to CES 25 June 2012 
RECAP close down weekly outdoor market 25 June 2012 
Ramblers publish latest walking routes 25 June 2012 
First all-female team represent Cumbernauld at Ayr rugby tournament 25 June 2012 
Cumbernauld House Trust issue drafts of proposals for old Village School 25 June 2012 
Cumbernauld Amateur Athletics Club congratulate winning members 25 June 2012 
The Scottish Spina Bifida Association announce July fundraiser 25 June 2012 
Gallery: Pictures from today's PCS strike 25 June 2012 
Cumbernauld Gala Day less than three weeks away 26 June 2012 
Scottish Government grant allows Sanctuary to own half of high rise flats 26 June 2012 
Sandra's on her way to Blair Castle 26 June 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire plates up perfection 26 June 2012 
Cumbernauld Old Parish raise £2100 for charity 26 June 2012 
Striking to "defend HMRC jobs," according to John Miller of PCS Cumbernauld and Kilsyth 26 June 2012 
Cumbernauld Tax Office had one of the biggest strike turnouts in the UK 26 June 2012 
Strathclyde Police conduct massive Carbrain man hunt 26 June 2012 
North Lanarkshire Council lay down the law with dog owners, declaring it's 'bag it and bin it' time 27 June 2012 
Lions bring home the bronze, silver and gold 27 June 2012 
North Lanarkshire Council hold flag unfurling ahead of Armed Forces day 27 June 2012 
Oxjam Cumbernauld dates are finalised and confirmed 27 June 2012 
Cumbernauld will soon be only one of four places to host Switzerland based travel firm 27 June 2012 
Scottish chef Martin Wishart dished out lessons in 'Culinology' to Cumbernauld College students 27 June 2012 
Cumbernauld's AG Barr's extends deal with American drinks giant 27 June 2012 
Patients 'to benefit' from new ambulance transport booking line 27 June 2012 
Cumbernauld House Trust announce that their AGM is to be held next week 27 June 2012 
Cumbernauld Media site sees 1'000 visits in four days 27 June 2012 
Cumbernauld's architecture goes under the microscope 28 June 2012 
North Lanarkshire Council announce multi-million pound Ravenscraig investment 28 June 2012 
Cumbernauld on amber alert as heavy rain predicted once more 28 June 2012 
Councils ask local groups to celebrate Lanarkshire's history in 2013 29 June 2012 
Cumbernauld House Trust issue fundraising appeal 29 June 2012 
Heavy Thursday afternoon rain was a no show 29 June 2012 
Highland finish Central Way coating job 3 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Link Centre to host monthly under-18s disco 3 July 2012 
Central Scotland MSP welcomes £2.5m boost to youth employment fund 3 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Amateur Athletics Club announce no summer break 3 July 2012 
Cumbernauld House Trust hold Annual General Meeting 3 July 2012 
2012 Cumbernauld 10K plans announced 4 July 2012 
Orange parade participants ordered to be on best behaviour 4 July 2012 
Two Cumbernauld charities benefit from £700'000 funding pot 4 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Theatre and The Noizy team up to bring autumn festival to Cumbernauld 4 July 2012 
Cumbernauld line to be electrified before 2014 Games 4 July 2012 
Cumbernauld charity Corp enjoys her royal encounter 5 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Community Park post June update 5 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Train Station to be part of half a million pound technology upgrade 5 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Media launch Cumbernauld Chatter section 5 July 2012 
Excitement builds as Cumbernauld Gala Day is only eight days away 6 July 2012 
Clyde's fan team, Bully Wee United, issue new player appeal 6 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Fire Station to be opened up for September open day event 6 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Community Hospital debate rears its head again 6 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Media talk to Trust's Chair following group's AGM 10 July 2012 
Oxjam Cumbernauld issue volunteer appeal 10 July 2012 
Opinion shows MSP's actions are correct, as majority view is that Cumbernauld should have a community hospital 10 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Doors Open locations unveiled 10 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Media catch up with Gala Day organising committee 10 July 2012 
Clyde urge fans to show their support ahead of new season 12 July 2012 
Central Scotland MSP hits out at free prescription costs to NHS Lanarkshire 12 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Credit Union appeal for volunteers 12 July 2012 
Cumbernauld House Trust announce new fundraising technologies 12 July 2012 
Services join together to fight Cumbernauld bogus callers 12 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Gala Day organisers hope for nice weather 12 July 2012 
Marie Curie group announce Cumbernauld and Kilsyth weekend Tea Party 12 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's breast implant manufacturers feel a business boom 12 July 2012 
Youth Football Scotland announce Cumbernauld recruitment event 12 July 2012 
North Lanarkshire Council announce emergency phoneline numbers as weather complaints flood in 12 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's view on response to heavy rain 12 July 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire smile award as they pick up two dental awards 13 July 2012 
Cumbernaul​d constructi​on site wins praise from Considerat​e Constructo​rs Scheme 13 July 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire seek publics' view on Local Access Policy 13 July 2012 
MSP slams council's slow bill payments 13 July 2012 
Opinion on Cumbernauld's readiness to take on the rain is a mixed bag 13 July 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire and Strathclyde Fire Service announce fire safety partnership 16 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Clyde unveil three new players for season ahead 16 July 2012 
Cumbernauld House Trust win 'Investing in Ideas' grant 16 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Recap Market undergoes rebranding exercise 16 July 2012 
Kildrum housing development gets underway 16 July 2012 
2012 Cumbernauld Gala Day is huge hit 16 July 2012 
Gallery: Cumbernauld Gala Day 2012 16 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Media talk to Gala Day Queen Heather MacQueen 16 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Theatre unveil autumn programme 17 July 2012 
Cumbernauld raincoat maufacturers Mackintosh report profit boom 17 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Centurions call off sessions due to waterlogged track 17 July 2012 
Gallery: Sanctuary Cumbernauld's Kildrum housing development - demolition stage 17 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Action Care for the Elderly announce regular Dementia cafe 17 July 2012 
North Lanarkshire is one of the most affordable places for first-time buyers 17 July 2012 
Beautiful Scotland awards are a "fantastic opportunity" for Cumbernauld 20 July 2012 
Cumbernauld children enjoy Elev8 project pilot 20 July 2012 
MSP says people are “…facing agonising waits” for speech and language therapy 20 July 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire welcome HIS report on care for the elderly 20 July 2012 
Team Lanarkshire boys' football team take the gold at Daegu International Children's Games 20 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Recap announce new market dates 20 July 2012 
Housing Minister visits Cumbernauld to unveil plaque to Fleming Road flats 20 July 2012 
Gallery: Housing Minister visits Cumbernauld 20 July 2012 
Cumbernauld Media interview Keith Brown MSP and Minister for Housing and Transport 20 July 2012 
ScotRail announce better Glasgow to Edinburgh Sunday service 23 July 2012 
Clyde sign up 21yo forward talent 23 July 2012 
Council support an Abronhill station, to delight of local MSP 23 July 2012 
Gallery: Cumbernauld's part in the London 2012 Olympic Games 23 July 2012 
Cumbernauld now has four LENS locations 23 July 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire to offer free 'on the road' advice about viral hepatitis 23 July 2012 
Extreme Events Europe to return to Cumbernauld 23 July 2012 
Strathclyde Police unveil new GPS technology to fight domestic abuse and keep victims safe 23 July 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire issue drug health warning as Lanarkshire drug user contracts anthrax 27 July 2012 
Council, Health Board and Police team up to 'Keep People Safe' against abuse or harassment 27 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Lloyds TSB branch could soon become a Co-operative Banking Group branch 27 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Tesco superstore to take part in cancer awareness drive 27 July 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire think food for thought, as dietitians issue dementia food advice 27 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Central Way to close for resurfacing works 27 July 2012 
Doune the Rabbit Hole festival moves near Kilsyth for 2012 event 27 July 2012 
Spoof 'Cumbernauld Blues' Twitter account sparks online outrage 27 July 2012 
Bridging the gap; newly rebuilt Tummel Way footbridge opens to public 27 July 2012 
Gallery: Newly reconstructed Tummel Way footbridge opens 27 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's take on an Abronhill Train Station 27 July 2012 
Cumbernauld's Central Way sees fatal road crash, as Strathclyde Police appeal for information and witnesses 1 August 2012 
North Lanarkshire Council start review of road safety policy after yesterday's fatal accident 2 August 2012 
Campaign launches aimed at getting improved safety measures put in place on A8011 2 August 2012 
Lanarkshire case of Anthrax originated from Cumbernauld, a source tells Cumbernauld Media 2 August 2012 
Branching Out programme downs its roots in Cumbernauld 2 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Media talk to Doune the Rabbit Hole festival Director 3 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Environmental Society gear up for Beautiful Scotland judges' arrival 3 August 2012 
Police name three men who were killed in Wednesday's Wilderness Brae pile-up 3 August 2012 
Cumbernauld road safety campaign snowballs its support 3 August 2012 
RECAP announce stall holders for tomorrow's market 3 August 2012 
Wilderness Brae Appeal calls upon political support 3 August 2012 
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth's MSP wishes Cumbernauld well ahead of Beautiful Scotland competition 3 August 2012 
Armed Police arrest drama closes part of the A8011 3 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Media chat to organisers behind Wilderness Brae Appeal campaign 3 August 2012 
Gallery: Interview with Nicole McAllister 3 August 2012 
29 year old male arrested at gun point in Cumbernauld 3 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Centurions get back on track 6 August 2012 
Give the gift of life 6 August 2012 
Clyde continue to support mouth cancer awareness campaign 6 August 2012 
Scottish SPCA appeal for donations to their Lanarkshire Centre 6 August 2012 
Locals still trying to cross Central Way fencing as campaign appeals for road barrier down Wilderness Brae 6 August 2012 
Cumbernauld College students prove to be whizz-kids at national computer competition 6 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Parish Church lodges planning application for new roof 6 August 2012 
Cumbernauld sees strange weather anomaly over weekend 6 August 2012 
Cumbernauld College raise £thousands for charity 6 August 2012 
Local author launches his debut novel 6 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Amateur Athletes Club come top of league after club's final match 6 August 2012 
Cumbernauld students prove themselves to be Master-chef 6 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Media launches new whistleblowers section 6 August 2012 
North Lanarkshire is on ten-high exam performance high 8 August 2012 
The 'Streets Alive' with the sound of music 8 August 2012 
Protestors fight for talks at Farmfoods Cumbernauld site 8 August 2012 
Part closures of Wilderness Brae are for resurfacing works and not the implementation of new safety measures 8 August 2012 
Eastfield Atletic go unbeaten ahead of new season 8 August 2012 
Ice House under offer as national retailer seeks a move to Cumbernauld; Cumbernauld Media drill through the story of St. Mungo's Road Retail Park 8 August 2012 
Cumbernauld's Wilderness Brae to get barrier by October 8 August 2012 
Samantha appeals for donours in order to keep M.E. Support Group going 8 August 2012 
Body found on M80 on Monday morning 8 August 2012 
Link's sheltered housing comes away with five star glory 9 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Environmental Society gear up ahead of tomorrow's judging 9 August 2012 
Abronhill 'Get Together' was local success 9 August 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire confirm no new cases of Cumbernauld anthrax 9 August 2012 
Cumbernauld College announce course vacancies 9 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Rugby Club prepare for RBS RugbyForce weekend 9 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Media proves itself to be popular, as 7,000 visits are logged in six weeks 9 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Y prepare for 2012 Family Carnival Day 10 August 2012 
North Lanarkshire pupils start new term in new schools 10 August 2012 
School pupils prepare to learn more about organ donation 10 August 2012 
Letters to the Editor: Survey returns 10 August 2012 
Cumbernauld 'Good Dog' campaign means North Lanarkshire has over 800 chipped pooches 10 August 2012 
Gallery: Beautiful Scotland judges in Cumbernauld 10 August 2012 
Gallery: Your pictures of Cumbernauld 10 August 2012 
'How to Write' four-week course to start in September 13 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Events Forum launches to bring Cumbernauld together through artistic exhibitions 13 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Community Park committee discuss July progress 13 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Environmental Society are confident about Cumbernauld's chances after Beautiful Scotland judges' visit town 13 August 2012 
Cumbernauld 10k less than one month away 13 August 2012 
North Lanarkshire Council's anti-bullying strategy strengthened by support from Balfour Beatty Workplace 13 August 2012 
North Lanarkshire Council announce 'Encounters' festival 13 August 2012 
Readers' Pictures 13 August 2012 
Cumbernauld may miss out on Perseid meteor display 13 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Rugby Club take part in RBS RugbyForce 2012 13 August 2012 
Strathclyde Police issue ATM safety advice following incidents 14 August 2012 
Abronhill Skatepark to host September skateboarding competition 14 August 2012 
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth's MSP calls for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth to be part of Clyde Valley Housing Association Network Project 14 August 2012 
New grandparents invited to special crash course 14 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Events Forum invite people to Oxjam Coffee Morning 14 August 2012 
Clyde Football Club issue season ticket update 14 August 2012 
Tryst Lions enjoy Olympic visit 14 August 2012 
Four days to go until streets come alive for Cumbernauld Live 14 August 2012 
Cumbernauld Colts to have new 3G pitch handed over this week 14 August 2012 
Readers' Pictures 14 August 2012 
"Further discussions" are being held on Wilderness Brae speed camera debate 14 August 2012 
Local views sought on Cumbernauld's town centre 14 September 2012 
Cumbernauld keeps silver Beautiful Scotland award 14 September 2012 
Twenty-twelve Cumbernauld 10k is most successful run yet 14 September 2012 
Link Group celebrate 50th birthday 14 September 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire's Nurse Director retires 14 September 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire launch regional breastfeeding campaign 14 September 2012 
Councillor Johnston says number and quality of pitches in Cumbernauld is not good enough 14 September 2012 
Cumbernauld Media Exclusive: Aldi look towards a possible Cumbernauld store 14 September 2012 
Works to begin at Monklands Hospital 14 September 2012 
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth's MSP says Clyde's departure would be "disappointing" 14 September 2012 
Lanarkshire cancer survivor urges over-50 women to get free mammogram 14 September 2012 
Town's MSP raises A.G. Barrs merger proposals with First Minister 14 September 2012 
Numerous Cumbernauld churches to take part in International Day of Prayer for Peace 14 September 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire say that future services will build a 'Healthier Future' 14 September 2012 
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth's MSP hits out at boundary rewrite proposals 14 September 2012 
Cumbernauld's St Mungo's Church announce October boot sale 14 September 2012 
Cumbernauld Community Park publish August update 14 September 2012 
Cumbernauld Rugby Club invite new residents and rugby novices to sign up 14 September 2012 
Cumbernauld's MSP shows his "whole-hearted support" for Greenfaulds bid, in Scottish Parliament 14 September 2012 
Petition to save the Cumbernauld Y's Tarbolton Road location snowballs 14 September 2012 
Letters to the Editor: MSP hits out at Council cuts to school and calls for funding clarity 31 October 2012 
MSP wants AG Barr’s famous Bru to remain at its Cumbernauld home 31 October 2012 
Anti-closure campaigners say Inspector’s comments don’t pass the test, after Cumbernauld Police Inspector dismisses Abronhill-Kildrum safety fears 31 October 2012 
Figures show that Lanarkshire has second highest number of smoking quit attempts for 2011/12 31 October 2012 
Cumbernauld Theatre prepare to hold EPIC Festival 31 October 2012 
Protect your pipes - Be prepared, Scottish Water’s message to customers 31 October 2012 
Cheque handover for NHS Lanarkshire’s Paediatric Rheumatology Team 31 October 2012 
Police appeal for M80 incident information continues 31 October 2012 
Election countdown kicked off; Young people urged to come forward to represent youth opinion as MSYP 31 October 2012 
Labour’s time is up! Campaigners say Labour should exit NLC stage-left 31 October 2012 
Broadwood Stadium to once again host fireworks display 31 October 2012 
Council conduct centre consultation to decide how best to improve Cumbernauld’s town centre 31 October 2012 
No or Yes? The Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Yes Scotland campaign gets underway 31 October 2012 
Cumbernauld's Old Parish unveils Remembrance Day details 31 October 2012 
Embarrassment for council as ‘Way Ahead’ leaflet receives 1 per cent respondent rate, with thousands undelivered 31 October 2012 
Residents are worried that poor distribution affects reliability of responses regarding school closure proposals 31 October 2012 
Union members to go on strike at Cumbernauld DHL warehouse over “management stonewalling” 2 November 2012 
Local politicians react to news that Barrs are official Commonwealth Games sponsor 2 November 2012 
Charity fundraiser in a jam after council hall licenses and rents took most of the totals 2 November 2012 
Cumbernauld Village ‘Community Hub’ project takes a step forward as it is found that proposals are feasible 2 November 2012 
Strathclyde Fire and Rescue call “community to action” for fire safety 2 November 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire reflect on ‘going for gold standards’ after hygiene control week 2 November 2012 
MSP says withdrawal of direct hospital bus service will be “letting down” service users 2 November 2012 
Council aims to cut waste and increasing food waste collection will soon be the norm 2 November 2012 
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Youth Music Project appeal for acts, organisers and volunteers  2 November 2012 
Volunteers get Croy station floral display back on track 2 November 2012 
Friends of Craighalbert announce Christmas Shopping Evening tickets are now sale 2 November 2012 
Save Abronhill High School campaign welcomes celebrity Twitter support 2 November 2012 
TCA kick off Christmas countdown as Cumbernauld’s lights switch on is outlined  2 November 2012 
Save Abronhill High School launches boycott petition, protesting that they won’t send their children to Cumbernauld High School 2 November 2012 
Film which warns youths about the dangers of internet uploads is to be launched at Cumbernauld High School 2 November 2012 
Cumbernauld Media approaches second anniversary 2 November 2012 
Save Abronhill High School campaign welcomes yet another celebrity Twitter supporter 2 November 2012 
Town’s MSP hits out at ‘moronic’ actions which saw a bus driver injured in M80 10kg tub incident 2 November 2012 
Save Abronhill High School earns support from Clyde FC central defender 2 November 2012 
Cumbernauld High School students enjoy First2aMillion video campaign 2 November 2012 
Bitter-sweet blow for Cumbernauld as the Cultural Forum wraps up 3 November 2012 
INTERVIEW APPEAL: Save Abronhill High School 3 November 2012 
Cumbernauld Media launches free, online article archive 3 November 2012 
A quiet Bonfire Night for the emergency services 6 November 2012 
American TV star to perform at Cumbernauld nightclub 6 November 2012 
Over 60s soon able to lift £15 Christmas gift 6 November 2012 
Town’s MSP welcomes council’s announcement that larger buses will serve pupils of Ravenswood Primary 6 November 2012 
Cumbernauld Town Hall to host Cancer Awareness Roadshow 6 November 2012 
Music chain makes Cumbernauld Town Centre its forth store location 6 November 2012 
Council in consultation e-mail blunder 6 November 2012 
17,000 wheelchair users have ‘real difficulty’ getting into their home according to new research 6 November 2012 
Local MP prepares to walk over hot coals for charity 6 November 2012 
Cumbernauld child sex groomer McDonald jailed for four years 6 November 2012 
SFA’s Cumbernauld Coaching Conference was a “great success” 6 November 2012 
Clyde unveil annual Hall of Fame Dinner arrangements 6 November 2012 
Backroom Village radio station becomes international sensation and holds acclaim as world’s third top most listened to wrestling themed radio station 6 November 2012 
Cumbernauld fire crews shut off Forest Road after gas cylinder van caught fire 8 November 2012 
'Walking to Win' - Cumbernauld Media take the high road from Abronhill to Cumbernauld High School 9 November 2012 
Cumbernauld’s MSP hits out at ‘buy now, pay later’ approach to school building by NLC; councillor says he “makes no apology” for building schools” 10 November 2012 
Cumbernauld Theatre announce Christmas pantomime details 10 November 2012 
Council, Health Service and Police come together to tackle Cumbernauld drink fuelled anti-social behaviour 10 November 2012 
Cumbernauld Shopping Centre get Rewards for Schools promotion off to a ‘flying start’  10 November 2012 
Abronhill High School campaigners say new North Lanarkshire schools show how Cumbernauld is being treated disproportionately 10 November 2012 
Wilderness Brae report into fatal Cumbernauld collision submitted to the Crown Office  10 November 2012 
Cumbernauld residents now able to recycle 5,000 tonnes more food waste annually as new council project gets underway 10 November 2012 
Cumbernauld College radio station talks to UKREIGN lead singer Craig Conner 10 November 2012 
Cumbernauld firm beats the bust in a move which sees it forced to expand 10 November 2012 
1% cuts consultation rate is “a success for local democracy” 10 November 2012 
Masterton leaves Cumbernauld’s Clyde FC by “mutual consent”  13 November 2012 
Forest Trust research shows Cumbernauld’s Broadwood Loch is an essential local facility  13 November 2012 
Abronhill High School campaign nears 4,000 petition tally 13 November 2012 
Des McKeown lends his support to Cumbernauld Christmas Cracker fitness bootcamp  13 November 2012 
Cumbernauld’s AG Barr look ahead towards Milton Keynes manufacturing and logistics plant 13 November 2012 
Lawyer suggests council may be breaking Schools Act nine times in attempt to amalgamate Abronhill and Cumbernauld High Schools  13 November 2012 
Cumbernauld community groups have their work recognised at It’s Your Neighbourhood awards 13 November 2012 
Abronhill Guild to mark 125th anniversary of national organisation with late November celebrations 13 November 2012 
Town’s MSP congratulates local groups on Big Lottery Fund success 13 November 2012 
Cumbernauld College students raise £270 for Breast Cancer Care 13 November 2012 
North Lanarkshire’s SNP Leader hits out at Council’s consultation as audit is called into the delivery process 13 November 2012 
Local YMCA/ YWCA’s ability to look after homeless youths halved after council “forced” the charity out of Tarbolton Road  13 November 2012 
Kildrum Parish to hold Vatican II anniversary event  13 November 2012 
Cumbernauld Shopping Centre manager hits out at town’s negative image  13 November 2012 
Council release emergency statement on the health of the local authority’s Ash tree population 13 November 2012 
Ex-Taggart star supports Save Abronhill High School campaign, against cuts driven closure of the Gregory’s Girl backdrop 19 November 2012 
Letters to the Editor: Grandmother worried about her grandchild’s safety 19 November 2012 
New grandparents invited to Lanarkshire baby class 19 November 2012 
Lanarkshire Dementia Champions help improve standards of care 19 November 2012 
Abronhill High parents “prepared to go to jail” to protect their children’s education 19 November 2012 
New Cumbernauld homes officially opened 19 November 2012 
Trading Standards Officers tell households to say NO to cold callers 19 November 2012 
AG Barr and Britvic agree merger terms but 500 Cumbernauld jobs could be lost as IRN BRU manufacturers Barr move their factory to England 19 November 2012 
Council urge Cumbernauld drivers to reduce speed 19 November 2012 
Cumbernauld campaigners attend ‘Walk to Win’ march in Abronhill, to show solidarity against council’s closure proposals 19 November 2012 
Strathclyde Police issue advice on how to detect counterfeit bank notes 19 November 2012 
Cumbernauld’s iconic town centre goes up for sale at £3.5m 19 November 2012 
Strathclyde Police arrest 23 people in violence reduction day of action 19 November 2012 
Cumbernauld Media release Abronhill High video, with exclusive Colin McCredie interview 19 November 2012 
Anti-closure campaigners welcome actor Tam Dean Burn to ‘Walk to Win’ Cumbernauld march 19 November 2012 
Hundreds of Cumbernauld children involved in Christmas day charity bootcamp 19 November 2012 
MSP welcomes tougher penalties for knife crime 1 December 2012 
Strathclyde Fire & Rescue urge households to keep warm safely during the cold snap 1 December 2012 
Council leader says ‘Way Ahead’ distribution was carried out by a “reputable firm” 1 December 2012 
Tributes are given to Maginnis family as Coatbridge Councillor passes away 1 December 2012 
New Cumbernauld treatment room suite will open its doors in less than two weeks 1 December 2012 
Letters to the Editor: Scottish Water want YOUR views 1 December 2012 
Clyde Youth Academy to ‘cycle to Lapland’ 1 December 2012 
NHS to hold memorial service for people who have experienced the trauma of losing a baby 1 December 2012 
North Lanarkshire Leisure propose a half a million move from Coatbridge to Cumbernauld while organisation faces £2m cuts 1 December 2012 
Annual Report of NHS Lanarkshire is published 1 December 2012 
Town’s MSP takes pupil safety concerns to the Scottish Parliament 1 December 2012 
NHS Lanarkshire announce additional hospital ward nurses 1 December 2012 
Forestry Commission confirm Ash dieback in Croy 1 December 2012 
Council releases advice to encourage residents to stay safe and warm at home this winter 1 December 2012 
World AIDS Day in Lanarkshire 1 December 2012 
North Lanarkshire union and Abronhill anti-closure campaigners team up to ‘Say NO to CUTS’ 1 December 2012 
Cumbernauld Media now back online - with a few additions to the family 13 December 2012 
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