Cumbernauld deserves, needs and wants a hospital; town's opinion shows we need a hospital

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 13:03 BST on Tuesday 10th July 2012.

Last Friday (6th July) we posed the question of whether Cumbernauld should have its own local hospital, following Cumbernauld and Kilsyth SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn’s announcement that a local constituency poll, conducted by his office found that 91% of respondents felt Cumbernauld deserved a community hospital.

Since then, NHS Lanarkshire have confirmed that they had “…received a copy of the health survey carried out by Jamie Hepburn and carefully considered it”, adding: “We do not have any plans for a new community hospital in Cumbernauld. However, we wish to reassure people that we are committed to continuing to deliver a wide range of community-based services in Cumbernauld and building on the recent service developments and investment made in health services in the area,” according to an NHS Lanarkshire spokesperson.

Since we published our article on the debate – ‘Cumbernauld Community Hospital debate rears its head again’ –Cumbernauld Media readers and fans have taken hold of our Facebook and Twitter pages, to convey their views on the matter.

Through our Facebook page we posed the question ‘Does Cumbernauld and Kilsyth need a community hospital or is it all just a wasted debate? Is there an under provision of health services in the local area?’

Colin Shearer: “The town should have had one built when the new town came to Cumbernauld if not when the likes of Carrickstone, Craigmarloch and Westerwood housing were built. It has to happen if not a general hospital. This is life or death for Cumbernauld and the town deserves better.”

Paul Cochrane: “It's ridiculous that a town the size of Cumbernauld doesn't have it's own hospital. I've been sent to Stirling, Monklands and Glasgow in the past. It's ridiculous- especially when you consider that the people who need the hospital visits are either ill or elderly.”

Caitlin Pope: “I think it [Cumbernauld] needs a hospital as its annoying having to go to Monklands if the doctor says u need an x-ray done.”

Shirley Drummond: “Having to get to Monklands in the middle of the night when you have no transport is a nightmare. Cumbernauld should have a hospital. There were plans many years ago before Monklands was built.”

Lee-Ann Downs: “Wen u ave a sick kid and gettin sent to wishaw is a disgrace!”

Jean Mchugh: “Definately needs one Kilsyth and Cumbernauld are getting bigger more houses getting built all over the area , more population , I don't live in the area anymore but have family who do , I worry about my mum and if she took really ill and the distance she would need to travel , not good for pensioners or young children.”

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