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Clubs and societies.

Cumbernauld has a vast selection of clubs and societies details available for your viewing. Cumbernauld Media are constantly gathering more links and contacts for Cumbernauld clubs and societies. If you run a club or society and we haven't listed it then please feel free to bring the club to our attention, and contact us. Please note that Cumbernauld Media is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Cycling and Walking.

Cumbernauld's unique natural landscape means that it an idyllic location for nature bike rides, walks and runs. Below are a couple of the routes which Cumbernauld Media suggest, for a wonderful day out in nature.
Castlecary to Longriggend.
The route begins at the Forth and Clyde Canal at Castlecary. Commence up the road from the canal bank and turn left on to the A80 access road and continue on to the junction with B816. Turn right and almost immediately turn left on to Walton Road. This road winds round and under the viaduct which carried the main Glasgow to Edinburgh railway high above.
Cumbernauld to Glasgow.
Beginning on the west side of Cumbernauld and leading onto Muirhead, after which the route uses wide footpaths beside the A80. From Stepps on road cycle lanes have been introduced. On road cycle lanes and short sections of dual use foot paths are provided between Millerston and Glenconner Park. The route then continues along Charles Street to the cycle track off Pinkston Road, via the Springburn Road bridge. The M8 motorway is crossed using the Sighthill Park bridge. The route finishes at Kyle Street on the north side of the City Centre.
Cumbernauld Glen.
This walk is peaceful and surrounds you in a blissful, woodland area. The burns twisit and turn with the lands and the drippling is soothing, it is a relaxing place in an otherwise stressful world. The route can start anywhere and paths start from Cumbernauld Theatre and head past Cumbernauld House before pushing you into the beautiful woodlands. There are over five paths to choose from and each are relaxing and full of heritage. You can also start your walk from the Spur Hotel in Cumbernauld Village. From here simply walk under the tunnel and continue straight on, from here there and signs giving you an option of where to go.
Our friends at Cumbernauld Whats It Called.co.uk have also devised a couple of brilliant walking/ cycling routes. Check out their routes by clicking on the relevant link(s) below.

Places to visit in Cumbernauld.